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Simple. Straight. Stable.

Trench drain installation just got a whole lot easier. Make channel floating, pinching and misalignment a thing of the past. The uniquely engineered Dead Level® system’s frame anchored design ties rebar to the structural frame, not the channels, eliminating floating and pinching during the concrete pour. Its solid flanged channel, end cap and frame connections create proper joints and alignment every time.

Tired of struggling to cut trench drain pieces to fit your installation? The Dead Level® system comes in standard 4 ft. sections as well as 1 ft. straight and combination corner/tee sections for flexibility on uneven runs, eliminating the need for cutting in the field. Standard plastic construction covers protect grates and keep trench drains free of debris during construction.


  • Superior materials
  • Stability & structural strength
  • Frame anchored design
  • Solid connections
  • Short & Corner/Tee sections
  • Maximum flow
  • Grating for diverse commercial applications
  • Molded construction covers standard
  • Patent pending

Dead Level® Brickslot Drain

Download the specification sheet

For jobs that require an equipment- or pedestrian-friendly slope to a finished grade for use with brick pavers or concrete, this brickslot drain is the ideal solution. Its sleek look is designed to fade into the pavement and complement the architectural design of the surface while efficiently draining walkways and working areas. It is manufactured to be ADA-compliant and handle loads up to the DIN 19580 Class A classification.


Still not sure? We believe if you see Dead Level®, you’ll be convinced it’s the best trench drain system on the market.

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