Watts MQ 3-45

Boosting from water main

Boosting from storage tank

Water supply from a well

The Watts Grundfos MQ Pump is a self-priming, all-inclusive pressure boosting unit designed for domestic water applications. Unlike competitive booster systems, Watts Grundfos MQ Pump is simple to install and even easier to use. Simply press START and enjoy all the benefits of a pump unit, pressure tank, flow sensor, controller, and check valve – all rolled into one compact unit.

Watts Grundfos MQ Pumps offer installers and DIYers multiple first-rate features and benefits:

  • Liquid-cooled motor generates less noise during operation.
  • Flow-based pressure boosting prevents stopping and starting at low flow rates.
  • Manufactured with dry-running protection to ensure equipment longevity.
  • A maximum 40 psi inlet pressure

Watts Grundfos MQ Pumps also include an intuitive, user-friendly control panel and alarm that notifies owners when the unit is overheating.

Corrosion-resistant and highly durable, the Watts Grundfos MQ Pump is equipped with Smart operation to maximize efficiency, while its built-in pressure tank provides immediate water supply.