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Pure Water


Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems Up to 30 Gallons Per Minute


Flow Rates: Up to 30 gpm (113 lpm)

Series PWR4024 Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are commercial grade high pressure RO units for the reduction of total dissolved solids from water. They are designed to supply reverse osmosis quality water with production rates ranging from 20 to 30 gallons per minute. These units are designed for floor mount installations. Reverse osmosis is a process where high pressure feed water is fed into a semi-permeable membrane. In the membrane, pure water is allowed to pass through the membrane material and exit as purified permeate water. Dissolved mineral salts are not allowed to pass through the membrane and become a concentrated reject stream that is sent to drain. These RO systems use high pressure/high rejection membranes to achieve a minimum average NaCl ionic rejection of 97 percent.

• Powder coated carbon steel support frame
• Corrosion resistant 300psi FRP high pressure membrane housings
• Pressure gauges for pre-filter inlet/outlet, membrane feed, and reject water pressure
• Low feed water pressure safety switch
• Digital microprocessor based controller with delayed auto restart after low pressure shut down
• Permeate water conductivity meter with high conductivity alarm output
• Tank level and pretreatment interlock inputs
• High pressure/high rejection membranes with 97% minimum average salt rejection
• Permeate, reject recycle, and reject water flow meters
• Adjustable reject and reject recycle valves
• Permeate check valve
• Automatic inlet diaphragm valve
• 90 gallon per minute high flow 316 stainless steel pre-filter

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