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Watts GoldenEagle® Series 719 Double Check Valve Backflow Assemblies and 919 Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Assemblies are available in sizes 1/2-2 and have been developed to provide both trouble-free operation in all types of water conditions and ease of service.

Watts 719

For Non-Health Hazard Applications


Double Check Valve Assembly shall be installed at each noted location. Provide assembly with integral shutoff valves that conform to ASSE 1015 and AWWA C510. The assembly shall have top entry access points for each check assembly, screw driver slotted test cocks and require the use of no special tools for servicing. All wetted rubber parts shall be manufactured from silicone or chloramine resistant EPDM rubber. All valve seats and seat discs shall be replaceable. Seat discs shall be reversible to extend check valve life. Check valve guiding shall be plastic to plastic. The assembly shall be a Watts Regulator Company Series 719.

Watts 919

For Health Hazard Applications


A Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly shall be installed at each potential health hazard location to prevent backflow due to backsiphonage and/or backpressure. The assembly shall consist of a pressure differential relief valve located in a zone between two positive seating check valves. Seats and seat discs shall be replaceable in both check valves and the relief valve without the use of special tools. Service of all internal check valve components shall be through top mounted access covers threaded to the main valve body. The check valve poppet assembly shall be guided via the use of a corrosion resistant plastic guide. The check valve and relief valve seats shall be push-in type. The relief valve cover shall be secured with stainless steel bolts and shall utilize a quarter-turn locking joint to capture the spring load of the relief valve. The relief valve shall have an internal sensing line to sense the inlet water supply. All rubber elastomers shall be of chloramine resistant material. The assembly shall also include two resilient seated isolation valves, four top-mounted resilient seated test cocks and an air gap drain fitting. The assembly shall be a Watts Regulator Company Series 919.


Body: Bronze
Discs: Silicone rubber
Check Seats: Replaceable polymer
Cover Bolts: Stainless steel (919 Only)
Elastomers: Chloramine Resistant Slicone and EPDM
Disc Holders: PPO

Pressure Temperature

Maximum Working Pressure 175psi (12.06 bar)
Temperature Range : 33°F to 180°F (3°C to 82°C)

Additional Resources


Product Specification (ES-719.pdf)

Installation Instructions (1915345.pdf)


Product Specification (ES-919.pdf)

Installation Instructions (1915346.pdf)

Features of the GoldenEagle® Series

  • Available in sizes 1/2" 2" (15 50mm)
  • Separate access, top entry check valve design for ease of maintenance
  • Reversible seat disc rubber, extends check valve life
  • Chloramine resistant elastomers
  • Replaceable push-in check valve seats and seat discs, eliminates threads from the water way
  • Compact design
  • Check valve poppet assemblies are fully guided by innovative plastic seat guide
  • EZ twist relief valve (919) cover-quarter turn locking joint captures the spring load during repair to facilitate disassembly
  • Top mounted test cocks for ease in testing and reduced installation clearances

More Information

Product Brochure

Click here to download the 719 Series Brochure.

Product Brochure

Click here to download the 919 Series Brochure.

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