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Danger - Scalding Lurks!

Watts offers the following resources to help you learn more about how to protect against the dangers of scalding, thermal shock and Legionella growth.

Domestic Hot Water Scald Burn Lawsuits White Paper

Dr. D. Bynum Jr., Attorney Vernon J. Petri and John T. Myers presented this white paper at the October 1998 American Society of Plumbing Engineers meeting in Indianapolis with the goal of promulgating and enforcing codes and standards that assure safe water temperatures at every hot water tap in the U.S.

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New ASSE 1070 Standard Information

Recently, the ASSE Board approved standard 1070-2004 entitled Performance Requirements for Water Temperature Limiting Devices.

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Watts Safety Mixing Valves Product Guide

To help guard against potential scalding & thermal shock injuries and the growth of Legionella, Watts Regulator Company manufactures a variety of thermostatic hot water safety mixing valves, including both American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) 1016 listed and 1017 listed devices. This product guide contains information on our complete line of safety mixing valves.

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Danger – Scalding Lurks!
Every year, thousands of people suffer serious thermal shock or scalding injuries in their bathtubs, sinks and showers.

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Steam Traps
This guide to Steam Traps explains how each style of trap functions and how to select the proper steam trap for your application. Includes application diagrams and trap cutaway views.

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