OEM Division

OEM Success Briefs

Here are just a few of the products Watts has provided to OEM’s working in a wide variety of markets.

Piping Industry

Watts OEM developed the RD500 for use on underground PVC piping. The RD500 helps solve the problem of locating underground PVC piping, which cannot be detected with conventional metal pipe detectors. Instead the RD500 vibrates the water in the pipe, which allows special vibration detectors to locate these underground pipes.

Fire Protection Industry

Watts OEM developed a custom series fire system ball valve for use on commercial fire sprinkler systems to both test and drain the system. This valve replaced the multiple parts previously needed to perform these functions and combined them into one valve to reduce production costs and save time.

Railroad Industry

Watts OEM developed the SFBV-AAR stainless steel ball valves with special 360° adapter welded to the body for use on railroad tank cars for venting and unloading. The SFBV-AAR is approved by the American Association of Railroads and has a closure adapter that is seal welded to the body to ensure that the adapter will not unthread from the body, eliminating potential leakage from the body/adapter.

Water Fountain Industry

Watts OEM developed a custom plastic water flow control for drinking fountains. This valve utilizes a special cage, spring and disc to allow water to flow through at a consistent height when the drinking fountain plunger is opened. This valve eliminated many of the extra fittings and piping previously needed and incorporated two functions into one complete unit to be utilized at the point of use.

Solar Heating Industry

Watts OEM developed the GS-70 for use on solar heating panels. The GS-70 holds water heated by the sun in the solar panels until it reaches a certain temperature to kill 90% of the bacteria in the heating system. This creates virtually bacteria free hot water directly from solar heat.

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