Water Safety & Flow Control

Repair Kits

Series Description
007Double Check Valve Assemblies
1156FHigh Capacity Feed Water Pressure Regulators
1170, L1170Hot Water Temperature Control Valves
142Process Boiler Water Feeders
144Process Boiler Water Feeders
152AIron Process Steam Pressure Regulators
152SSStainless Steel Process Steam Pressure Regulators
2Duo-Cloz Manual Washing Machine Shutoff Valves
2000-M5, 2000S-M5Hydronic, Two-Way, Universal Flow Check Valves
223, 223SHigh Capacity Water Pressure Reducing Valves
252ABronze Process Steam Pressure Regulators
263ASmall Pressure Regulators, 3-Way
26ASmall Pressure Regulators, 2-Way
560Mini Brass Water Pressure Regulators
601, 601SBronze Maxi-Flo Check Valves
BF-03Full Lug Style Butterfly Valves - Import
BF-04Wafer Style Butterfly Valves - Import
BF03-121 Full Lug Style Butterfly Valves with NSF Certification
DBF-03Full Lug Style Butterfly Valves - Domestic
DBF-04Wafer Style Butterfly Valves - Domestic
FBV-3C, FBVS-3C2-Piece, Full Port, Brass Ball Valves
FHFrost-Proof Automatic Draining Wall Hydrants
FHBFrost-Proof Automatic Draining Wall Hydrants with Backflow Preventer
Governor 80Ball Cock and Thermal Expansion Relief Valve
H560Mini Brass Water Pressure Regulators with Hose Connections
HB-1Brass Hose Bibb Boiler Drains
HY42Non-Freeze Wall Hydrants with Backflow Preventer
IR-56Bronze Water Pressure Regulators
LFN170Lead Free* Master Tempering Valves for Hot Water Distribution
MMVThermostatic Mixing Valves
N170Master Tempering Valves for Hot Water Distribution
N170 CSUTMaster Tempering Valves for Hot Water Distribution with Checkstops
N223B, N223BSHigh Capacity Water Pressure Reducing Valves
N256Bronze Feed Water Pressure Regulators
N36Water Service Vacuum Relief Valves
N45BWater Pressure Reducing Valves
N45B-EZWater Pressure Reducing Valves with Easy to Adjust Pressure Setting
N50Low Water Cut-Offs
P60Miniature Plastic Water Pressure Regulators
SS07FStainless Steel, Single-Detector Check Valves for Fire Sprinkler Systems
SS263APCompact Stainless Steel Water Regulators
U5B-Z3High Performance Water Pressure Reducing Valves
USG-BUnder Sink Guardian Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Bronze
WBV-3, WBVS-32-Piece, Standard Port, Brass Ball Valves

Additional Information

Danger – Scalding Lurks!
Every year, thousands of people suffer serious thermal shock or scalding injuries in their bathtubs, sinks and showers.

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Steam Traps
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