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Water Safety & Flow Control

Dial Set Boiler Fill Valves

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Save Time with the Dial Set Boiler Fill Valves

The BD1156 Dial Set Boiler Fill Valve with its adjustable dial allows contractors to easily select pressure from 8 to 21 psi.

The BD911 is a combination boiler fill valve and backflow preventer in one pre-assembled unit.

These valves from Watts allows a much faster fill rate than competitive devices – about 25 gallons per minute. That's more than twice as fast as comparable fill valves. As a result, contractors can spend less time filling boilers and avoid the nuisance of cleaning up when a boiler is over-pressurized

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Product Offering

Series BD1156
Bronze Dial Set Feed Water Pressure Regulators

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Series BD911
Combination Bronze Dial Set Fill Valve and Backflow Preventer

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