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Quick-Connect Manifolds

35 Series Quick Connect Manifold

Watts Sea Tech Manifolds operate much like an electrical breaker box. The main water supply lines bring water into the manifold and individual distribution lines move water out to each fixture. All outlets have a built in valve which allows you the ability to stop the water flow to any single fixture without shutting down the entire water system. The new Watts Sea Tech Manifold System utilizes an exclusive modular design. Manifold Sections can be purchased individually and simply snapped together to create the ideal configuration for each application.

Performance Ratings

100psi @ 180°F 6.8bar @ 82°C

250psi @ 75°F 17.25bar @ 24°C

  • Complies with NSF and FDA standards
  • All Inlets are 1" CTS, use a Reducing Stem to create other inlet sizes


  • Integral High-Flow Shut-off Valves
  • Eliminates Fittings
  • Modular design allows for flexibility
  • Increase water flow
  • Servicable Shut-off Valve
  • Can be used with PEX, CPVC, PB and copper pipe
  • Field Configurable
  • Available in single or dual outlet configurations

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Product Brochure

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