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Introducing Vortech™ Distribution Systems

Designed with conservation in mind, Watts Vortech™ water softeners and filters feature high performance media, state of the art control valve technology and the new Vortech™ distribution system for greater efficiency.

Think Green

In order to regain a softeners or filters ability to remove contaminants its control valve must be able to go into a backwash cycle to effectively clean the media before it can be regenerated. Traditional systems produce large amounts of waste water during the backwash process and consume a high volume of salt used to condition the water. Watts Vortech™ water softeners and filters reduce backwash water and frequency by 30% and reduce salt consumption, reducing the impact on the environment.

Why Vortech™

Vortech™ distribution systems utilize a more efficient distributor plate design to reduce backwash and improve system efficiency compared to traditional cone @ gravel systems. This unique design provides greater "lift" and "action" throughout the entire width of the mineral tank during a backwash cycle, whereas traditional cone and gravel systems channel up through the media causing areas of very limited movement. In addition, because Vortech™ does not utilize gravel, it costs less to ship due to its lighter weight.

Traditional Systems


  • Cones (basket) have a limited surface area reducing flow capacity
  • Gravel adds additional shipping costs
  • Riser tube and basket is held only in place by the media making routine maintenance difficult when the valve is removed from the mineral tank
  • Backwash water creates channels through the gravel concentrating flow through limited areas of the media
  • Water channeling creates dead spots around the edge of the mineral tank reducing the effectiveness of the backwash cycle
  • Areas within the media bed are not suitably rinsed and lose the capacity to remove the contaminants with every cycle
  • Higher flow rates are required to effectively lift media

Vortech™ Systems


  • High flow design maximizes todays high efficiency control valve technology
  • Environmentally friendly, reduces backwash requirement by up to 30%
  • No channeling of media, providing a cleaner more efficient system
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Elimination of gravel saves on net cost and unit weight, for shipping
  • Permanent attachment of the dip tube makes servicing the control valve easy by keeping the distributor in place, no more re-bedding
  • Distributor plate is designed for over 6,500 lbs. load capacity
  • Highly efficient softening regeneration reduces annual salt consumption

See the Difference in Action

Watch this video demonstration to see the difference between the Vortech™ distribution system and a traditional cone and gravel distributor.

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The Vortech™ plate provides greater "lift" and "action" throughout the entire width of the mineral tank, during a backwash cycle, while the traditional cone and gravel system channels up through the media causing areas of very limited movement especially along the outer edge of the mineral tank.

Available Models & Options

Watts Vortech™ water softeners and filters save money on water, salt and get increased performance & efficiency.

Systems are available in 9, 10, 12 and 13 inch diameter tank sizes.

Media Options:

Filox™ Systems with Vortech™ tanks for Iron and HS

Our most popular iron removal media performs even better when thoroughly cleaned by the increased lift and action created by the Vortech™ distributor plate.

Carbon Filters with Vortech™ tanks

Improved sediment, taste, and odor performance. Vortech™ systems reduce annual water consumption due to the increase bed turnover, cleaning carbon more efficiently.

Micro-Z™ Systems with Vortech™ tanks

High performance sediment filters with greater water savings compared to traditional multi-media filters due to the much improved "lift" and "action" created by the Vortech™ distribution plate.

Water conditioning systems with Vortech™ tanks

Watts metered control valve and the new Vortech™ tank combine to make a very efficient water conditioning system that will save your customer money on salt and water.

Product Brochure

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Installation Instructions

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