TRITON™ Pipe Fusion


Revolutionary Pipe Fusion

The TRITON™ system is the first application of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic technology, a trusted method of welding, for plastic pipe joining. Energy efficient and ready to use in minutes, TRITON™ is changing the way we think about pipe fusion.


  • Enables pipe joining and pressure testing in minutes
  • Reduces required manpower by being easily welded by one person
  • Creates safer work environment--no exposed heating elements, no adhesives with VOCs, and no exposed flame

Join the Future™

  • Ready to use in minutes—no waiting for exposed heating elements to heat up
  • Uses less energy than conventional pipe joining technology
  • Fused pipe immediately ready for pressure testing

TRITON™ Pipe Fusion vs. Socket Welding

Steve walks through how to connect pipe using socket welding to demonstrate how our TRITON™ Pipe Fusion system speeds up and simplifies the welding process while ensuring user safety. He will also go over key differences between traditional socket welding for plastic pipe and the innovative TRITON™ Pipe Fusion system.

TRITON™ Street Reducer WorkShop

Steve introduces the TR30 TRITON™ Reducing Fittings for our innovative TRITON™ Pipe Fusion system.


TRITON™ is changing the way we fuse plastic piping.


TRITON™ Control Unit

Designed to convert 110/120 VAC current to DC current and then create radio frequency (RF) signal, this Control Unit is self-contained and self-calibrating.

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TR12P1 IPS MPT Adapters

TRITON™ MPT Adapter Fittings

3/4 – 2 in.

These adapters are used to transition polyethylene pipe to a FPT inlet.

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TR15P1 IPS Couplings

TRITON™ Coupling Fittings

3/4 – 2 in.

These couplings are used to connect two pieces of polyethylene pipe.

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TR18P1 IPS Tees

TRITON™ Tee Fittings

3/4 – 2 in.

These fittings are used to connect three pieces of polyethylene pipe.

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TRITON™ IPS Fusers for PE pipe

1/2 – 2 in.

These fusers are designed to amplify and direct a radio frequency (RF) signal through a TRITON IPS sized polyethylene fitting.

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