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LFM513-5 Watts

Dual Chamber Well Pump Control Valve with Mechanical Check

Series LFM513-5, LFM1513-5 Pump Control Valve is designed to minimize the surges associated with the starting and stopping of pumps. The valve opens at an adjustable rate upon pump start-up, and closes at an adjustable rate upon pump shut-off. When the valve is near closed a limit switch is tripped, turning the pump off. The pump starts and stops against a closed valve, and has provisions for manual operation in the event of power outages. The valve also incorporates a two-piece telescoping stem design, which acts as a mechanical check feature, that closes preventing reverse flow the moment flow ceases.


  • Body and cover are constructed of strong and durable ductile iron (ASTM A536)
  • Minimizes surges associated with the starting and stopping of pumps
  • Simplified and efficient design is easy and economical to maintain
  • Mechanical check feature provides immediate check action when flow ceases.

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