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LF8 Watts

Lead Free* Hose Connection Vacuum Breakers, Copper Silicon Alloy

The LF8 Series Hose Connection Vacuum Breakers permit the attachment of portable hoses to hose thread faucets and prevent the reverse flow of polluted water into the potable water supply due to backsiphonage. They have a copper silicon alloy body construction, stainless steel working parts, and a rubber diaphragm and disc. The LF8 Series is ideal for inside or outside health hazard installations requiring non-continuous pressure such as service sinks, swimming pools, photo developing tanks, laundry tubs, wash racks, dairy barns, marinas, and general outside gardening uses. Check with local inspection authorities for installation requirements. Maximum Pressure:125psi (8.6 bar).


  • Lead-free* copper silicon alloy body
  • Durable rubber diaphragm and disc for consistent positive seating
  • Screw directly onto sill cocks, with no special plumbing required
  • Stainless steel working parts for longevity

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