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DWB Watts

DuoClozure Wall Boxes with Series 2-M2 Washing Machine Shutoff Valve

Series DWB Duo-Clozure Wall Boxes with Series 2-M2 Washing Machine Shutoff Valve are used in washing machine applications to manually control water flow and pressure from the hot and cold water supply piping to the flexible hoses feeding a washing machine. They come with a decorative white faceplate that can be painted or papered to match wall decor. They prevent the washing machine hoses from bursting, thereby preventing water damage to the home. They consist of a Model 2-M2 valve with 1/2 in. solder connections, adjustable stud mounting brackets, a single Duo-Cloz lever to control shutoff of both hot and cold water supplies, and water pressure test plugs. Maximum Pressure: 150psi (10.3 bar).


  • Shutoff valve simultaneously controls flow of hot and cold water to washing machine
  • Prevents washing machine hoses from bursting
  • Easy to install
  • Ball-type design helps minimize water hammer and banging pipes caused by fast-closing washing machine solenoid valves

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