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HY42 Watts


Non-Freeze Wall Hydrants with Backflow Preventer

Series HY42 Non-Freeze Wall Hydrants with Backflow Preventer are used in commercial and industrial applications to provide freeze protection and backsiphonage protection of the external water supply. It is designed to blend with modern architecture. It consists of a brass body construction with chrome-plated brass finish and 3/4 in. hose thread nozzle, 3/4 in. female or 1 in. male IPS threaded inlet connection, replaceable EPDM seat, one-piece valve plunger to control both flow and automatic drain functions, and loose tamper-resistant tee key. Model HY42B comes with a mounting box. Series HY42 provides vacuum-breaker and backflow preventer protection and is ideal in restaurants, schools, office buildings, churches, apartments, motels, stores, shopping centers and industrial building installations.


  • Hydrants operate with tee key to prevent tampering
  • Casing consists of rugged brass pipe
  • Replaceable EPDM seat surface
  • One-piece valve plunger accurately controls both flow and drainage with a minimum number of turns

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