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Industry Standard Back-To-Back Horizontal Carrier for Floor Mounted Back Outlet Bowl

Series ISCA-101-D-BF Industry Standard back-to-back horizontal water closet carrier for floor mounted back outlet bowl, with epoxy coated cast iron fitting, 4 in(102mm) no hub waste and 2 in(51mm) no hub vent connections, and neoprene bowl gasket, plated hardware and chrome cap nuts. The closet carrier legs are embossed with incremental measurements markings, allowing contractors to easily adjust the height of the carrier to the most commonly used fixture requirements.


  • Legs are embossed with incremental markings to easily match height to commonly used fixtures
  • Adjustable ABS nipple with integral test cap and neoprene bowl gasket for convenience
  • Epoxy coated, floor mounted transferring the weight and load to the floor

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