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Pressure Relief, Sustaining or Backpressure Pilot

LFPV20C Series is a remote sensed direct acting, diaphragm actuated Pilot that is used on various configurations of Automatic Control Valves. It is normally held closed by the force of the adjustable spring setting above the diaphragm. It modulates toward an open position when control pressure, exerting force below the diaphragm, exceeds the spring setpoint, and modulates toward a closed position when the control pressure falls below the spring setpoint. The LFPV20C senses control pressure through a tapped port below the diaphragm. The large diaphragm-to-seat ratio allows it to open and close within tight pressure tolerances, accurately positioning the Main Valve. Turning the adjustment screw clockwise raises the control setpoint. Turning the adjustment screw counterclockwise lowers the control setpoint. The LFPV20C is equipped with one 1/2 in NPT inlet and outlet port and a 1/4 in NPT side sensing port located on the power chamber. The 1/4 in side sensing port is used to monitor upstream or downstream pressure as required by specific valve function.


  • Opens and closes within close pressure tolerances
  • Remote sensed Pilot used on various configurations of Automatic Control Valves
  • Used in systems where it is anticipated that the internal pressure of the system components exceeds the rated pressure
  • Top-mounted adjustment screw raises and lowers the control setpoints

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