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Stainless Steel On-Off Float Valve with Pressure Sustaining Feature

972GS-20 (Globe) and 972AS-20 (Angle) Series is designed to close drip tight when water level reaches the adjustable high-level setpoint, and open fully when water level is below the adjustable low-level setpoint to increase tank circulation. Valve throttles to sustain a minimum upstream pressure during tank filling operations. High and low levels are separately adjustable by positioning stop collars on the float rod(s) at desired opening and closing setpoints. If desired, the on-off action of the valve can be reversed by modifying the hydraulic connections of the On-Off Float Pilot. The Float Pilot may be either valve or remote mounted.


  • Lightweight Stainless Steel construction reduces corrosion, diaphragm wear, and labor frequency and costs
  • Fully open position allows a calculated “draw-down” of water level to increase tank circulation
  • Sustains a minimum upstream pressure during tank filling operations
  • Designed to open fully or close drip-tight as commanded by the Float Control Pilot

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