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Ductile Iron Electronic Control Valve (for Electric Valve Positioning)

LF933GD (Globe) and LF933AD (Angle) Series is designed to be electrically positioned to control flow, pressure, level or temperature for water applications. By alternately energizing the (2) solenoids, the valve can be positioned to maintain a desired value. The valve is normally interfaced with SCADA systems or Programmable Logic Controllers that compare a Process Variable (PV) to a desired setpoint, and alternately energize the solenoid pilots to throttle the valve open or closed until the PV reaches the desired setpoint. The valve also has provisions for manual operation in the event of power outage.


  • Designed to operate with SCADA telemetry systems
  • Valve throttles open or closed by intermittently energizing Solenoid (2) or (3)
  • Adjustable opening and closing speed
  • Optional Electronic Controller provides local adjustment and control

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