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WattsBox Watts

Insulated Backflow Enclosures

Series WattsBox Backflow Preventer Insulated Enclosures protect backflow prevention assemblies, such as PVBs, double checks, and RPZs, that are subjected to freezing conditions. Series WattsBox enclosure consists of reinforced aluminum or fiberglass construction, providing access through lockable doors and/or a hinged lid for testing/certification purposes. It has a means for a permanent anchor and is completely removable for maintenance purposes. It has drain openings that are protected against severe weather conditions. Series WattsBox is available with or without insulation and heat in various models and sizes. Thermostatically protects to -30°F (-34°C).


  • Reinforced aluminum or fiberglass construction provides freeze protection to maintain water supply
  • Available with heaters for additional protection from severe weather
  • Doors provide access for testing/repair without removing entire enclosure
  • Lockable access doors and/or lid protect against theft or vandalism

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