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TRITON IPS Fusers for PE pipe

TRITON Series TRFWP1 Fusers are designed to amplify and direct a radio frequency (RF) signal through a TRITON IPS sized polyethylene fitting. The hand-held Fusers incorporate a mechanical fusing jaw that wraps around the TRITON Fitting at the fusion zone. Once the Fuser is connected to the TRCU Control Unit via its 25 ft coaxial cable, the Fuser button is used to identify the Fuser size and type and initiate the fusion cycle. The Fuser diode, located by the Fuser button, will glow a steady amber color when the Fuser is connected and initiated. The diode will blink on and off during the fusion cycle. Fusers can only be placed around the TRITON Fitting in the fusion zone, but can be inverted or rotated on the fitting.

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