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Excess Flow & Thermal Shutoff Valve

The Dormont SmartSenseĀ® safeguards you and your home with its innovative, dual-sensing capabilities. In the event of a gas line rupture, disconnection, or even a fire, SmartSense detects the potential threat and automatically activates itself.

This device includes two primary components:

  • Excess Flow Limiting: The plunger limits gas flow in the event of a gas appliance connector rupture or disconnect, helping to protect against a harmful build-up of gas within the home.
  • Fire Safe Shutoff: The thermal ring expands to stop the flow of gas when exposed to extremely high temperatures and the valve reaches 350 to 425 F.


  • Easy to install by qualified installers and compatible with most residential gas appliances
  • Helps protect against potentially life-threatening situations
  • Detects and activates in the event of gas line rupture, disconnection, or fire
  • For use with Dormont gas appliance connectors

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