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Size: 1/2″ (15mm) Series A2C IntelliFlow® Automatic Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valves

Series A2C IntelliFlow® Automatic Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valves with Leak Sensor are used to control water flow based on electrical current flow and to detect presence of water behind a washing machine, thereby protecting homes and businesses from water damage due to a burst inlet hose. IntelliFlow Valves only allow water to flow into the washing machine when electric current indicates the machine is in use, and they automatically close water inlet valves when a water leak is detected. Maximum pressure setting is 150psi and maximum washing machine current rating is 15A.


  • Floor-mounted water leak sensor that automatically shuts off water supply to washer
  • Advanced, silent electronic control device for sensing electric current
  • Replaceable internal strainer screen
  • Optional A-2 IntelliTimer allows use with 220 VAC powered washing machine or combination washer/dryer

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