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VisuGuard T/P combination tempering valve with LCD temperature display. ASSE 1016-2005, type T/P listed

Concealed tub and shower, or shower only, combination mixer with battery operated LCD temperature display for use in shower applications. Features AAA alkaline battery for years of continuous life. Rugged, brass valve body construction with paraffin actuator protects against temperature and pressure changes. Internal components resist lime buildup and corrosion. Adjustable handle rotation stop reduces risk of handle overadjustment. Opens in cold water position to maximize bather safety. Battery and temperature display are housed in an easy-access, watertight enclosure.


  • Controls mixed outlet temperature within 10°F (5.5°C) of hot water supply temperature and displays temperature within 1/10th of a degree
  • Provides true protection against pressure and temperature changes
  • Eliminates time and cost for seasonal limit stop adjustment
  • Back-to-back installation without costly cross-over piping

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