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Part of the PWUVBULB Series

Sales Channel: Wholesale

Ordering Code: 7100165

UPC: 098268562088

Lead Free: Not In Scope

8 Gpm Replacement Ultraviolet Light Bulb

This replacement ultraviolet lamp is for the 8 gallons per minute ultraviolet water filtration system. This lamp is used in a ultraviolet purifications source which is enclosed in a protective transparent sleeve. The lamp is mounted such that the water passing through a flow chamber is exposed to the UV-C light rays. It is essential that you change your ultraviolet lamp annually. The ability of the lamp to emit ultraviolet light decreases over one year in operation. This lamp is rated at 9000 hours of continual use.

Product Features

  • Bacteria disinfection
  • High quality ultraviolet lamp
  • Rated at 9000 hours of continuous service
  • Easy to install lamp
Brand Name Watts
EANUCCCode 098268562088
Lead Free Not In Scope
Part Number 7100165
Replacement Part Type Ultraviolet Bulb