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BBC-150 Pleated Cartridges Watts

Pleated Cartridges for Big Bubba BBH-150

Ideal cartridges for more critical applications, offering greater efficiency, more surface area for greater throughput and reduced costs. Models: BBC-150-P1A PP 1 Absolute Micron, BBC-150-P1 PP 1 Micron, BBC-150-P5 PP 5 Micron, BBC-150-P20 PE 20 Micron, BBC-150-P50 PE 50 Micron, and BBC-150-PPM150 Mesh 150 Micron.


  • Some models are cleanable and reusable to reduce costs
  • Available with choice of media: polypropylene, polyethylene, or mesh
  • Designed to minimize pressure drop by using 2 in. pipe fittings and large diameter tubes
  • Pleated cartridges for use in Big Bubba filter housings

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