Data Center Plumbing & Flow Control

Reliable solutions for domestic water, fire protection, drainage, public restroom safety, snow-melting, and more.

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Leak Detection


Wireless Water Leak Detection

Get real-time notifications of leaks and their locations with FM approved Trident™.

FloodSafe® Water Detector Shutoff

Automatic leak detection and shutoff for water heaters with app notification capabilities.
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SentryPlus Alert™ Flood Protection

Avoid downtime with automated flood protection and shutoff on RPZ backflow preventers.

Unique Solutions to Meet Your Objectives


Pre-Engineered Valve Stations

Maximize flow performance and ensure a redundant water supply to your building.

OneFlow® Anti-Scale Systems

Enhance energy efficiency and prolong the lifespan of valves and plumbing systems.

RainCycle™ System

Conserve water and help meet your sustainability initiatives with rainwater harvesting.

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