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Rainwater Harvesting

With the world’s growing need for reliable fresh water supplies, rainwater can play a key role in future water sustainability solutions. Rainwater harvesting can provide abundant water for irrigation, flushing toilets, laundry systems, fountains, and many more applications—while reducing the demand for life-critical drinking water supplies.

Watts commercial rainwater harvesting systems capture, store, pump, and treat rainwater. Watts applies more than 140 years of water management leadership to engineering modular systems and reliable turnkey solutions that can be easily installed and customized to specific project needs.


System Solutions Benefit Everyone in the Value Chain

The modular design of the system components helps ensure simple, reliable installation and lasting customer satisfaction. See system flow diagram in the visuals above.

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If you need it to perform as a system make sure it’s engineered as a system.


  • Simplified design and specification—RainCycle™ modular components are pre-engineered to reduce specification and installation time and improve consistency and quality
  • Seamless integration—“plug and play” operation between rainwater control station and storage tanks and pre-filters
  • Compact footprint—maximum flexibility within the mechanical room
  • Environmental stewardship—helps meet your project’s environmental and stormwater goals, reduce potable water consumption, and contribute to LEED certification
  • Quality and compliance—systems are built and factory-tested and can be configured to comply with ARCSAASPE 63 and other industry standards


  • Efficient water conservation—reduce potable water consumption and runoff
  • Single product warranty—backed by Watts
  • Straightforward maintenance—systems engineered for easy servicing and access to consumables
  • Service and support—technical experts and experienced field technicians facilitate installation and troubleshooting

Rainwater Pre-Filter

Inlet pre-filters limit the contaminants typically present on the collection area, helping to maintain optimal water conditions in the storage tank.

Rainwater Control Station

Watts Control Stations minimize installation costs, maximize uptime, and reduce lifetime maintenance. They integrate all filtration, disinfection, and equipment controls in a variety of pre-engineered packages.

Storage Tanks

Watts storage tanks are engineered to allow pumps to draw from a cleaner water column. Designs include calming inlets to minimize turbulence during rainfall events and mitigate the introduction of air. Pre-installed plumbing connections are available.


From actuated control valves to hydropneumatics pressure tanks, Watts Rainwater Harvesting Systems provide access to proven, high-quality components to meet nearly any project need.

Booster Pump

Watts gives designers the ability to select the most efficient pump package based on design conditions and project needs. Watts offers an extensive variety of standardized packages with submersible and flooded suction as well as simplex and duplex configurations. You also can request Triplex and other custom pump solutions.

Complete Design Documentation

Every Watts system solution includes complete design documentation to ensure the highest possible quality and transparency. This added-value service includes a minimum of:

  • Flow diagrams
  • Submittal packages
  • Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)-formatted specifications
  • Equipment drawings
  • Installation manuals
  • Operation manuals