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Invita™ WiFi Thermostat 564

Get the WiFi features you want without running new wire! The Invita® WiFi Thermostat only uses two wires to connect the living space to an HVAC Interface Module in the mechanical room. You can adjust the temperature remotely using the Invita Connect app or use voice commands with Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices. This touchscreen thermostat works with most types of heating and cooling systems including conventional furnace and air conditioning, heat pump and dual fuel systems. Fan, relative humidity and ventilation control are included.

Invita Eliminates:

  • Pulling new wires
  • Patching & repainting walls
  • Batteries
  • Unreliable power stealing
  • Unreliable wireless signals

Works With Most HVAC Systems

Conventional systems

Up to 2-stage heating, 2-stage cooling, fan, and 2 accessories

Heat pump & dual fuel systems

Up to 4-stage heating, 2-stage cooling, fan, reversing valve, and 1 accessory

Accessory options

Humidifier, dehumidifier, HRV/ERV ventilator

Peace of Mind

The Invita sends an email notification if a problem is detected with HVAC equipment. When used together with a Watts FloodSafe™ Water Detector Shutoff, the Invita will notify you if the supply to the water heater has been shut off to prevent flood damage.

The Connect App Has You Covered

Adjust your thermostat from anywhere in the world via your mobile device or laptop computer with the Invita Connect app. Reprogram your temperature and humidity settings, or make sure everything is just right before heading home at the end of the day.




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