No Pulling Wires. No Patching & Repainting Walls. No Replacing Batteries.


Multiple HVAC System Compatibility


Retrofit & New Installation Solution


Complete Control via Watts Home App


Effortless, Energy-Efficient Heat Pump & Hybrid HVAC Control

Customers everywhere are making the switch to climate-friendly, energy-efficient heat pumps and hybrid (dual-fuel) HVAC systems. Deliver your customers smart thermostat upgrades and furnace to heat pump conversions without the hassle of pulling wire, patching walls, or replacing batteries with the Invita® WiFi Thermostat 564.


Invita Eliminates:

Pulling New Wires
Patching & Repainting Walls
Replacing Batteries
Unreliable Power Stealing
Unreliable Wireless Signals

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Smart, Connected, Compatible

Using just two wires from any living space, Invita easily connects to the included HVAC Interface Module (HIM). Invita is compatible with most home HVAC systems, including:

Heat Pump
Hybrid/Dual Fuel

Woman adjusting settings in Invita app

Control Your Comfort from Anywhere

The Watts Home app puts complete home comfort in palm of your customer’s hand, anytime, anywhere! Remotely adjust temperature and humidity with just a tap. Connect multiple Invita thermostats to control different zones and systems, ensuring personalized comfort throughout the entire home.

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