Invita® WiFi Thermostat 564

Wiring Worries are Over

Say goodbye to pulling new wires and damaging walls with the Invita WiFi Thermostat. Invita upgrades your customers to smart IoT technology by re-using the two wires found on existing electrical systems to connect to the included HVAC Interface Module (HIM). Whether you’re dealing with not enough wires or too many wires, Invita is the smart, easy-to-install solution.


Where to buy the Invita WiFi Thermostat

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Invita Eliminates:

  • Pulling new wires
  • Patching & repainting walls
  • Batteries
  • Unreliable power stealing
  • Unreliable wireless signals

Multiple HVAC System Compatibility

Invita is compatible with most HVAC systems and provides one centralized control device for multi-system integration, like air heating and cooling, heat pumps, humidifier/dehumidifier, radiant floor heating, and more.

Retrofit & New Installation Solution

Whether you’re replacing an older thermostat or installing a new one, Invita covers your installation, no matter what equipment is being installed.
Woman adjusting settings in Invita app

Give Your Customers Complete Control

The Watts Home app gives your customers the ability to control their Invita anytime, anywhere. Reprogram temperature and humidity control with just a tap. Connect multiple Invita thermostats together to control different zones/systems, and assign an administrator who can grant access control to each.

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Smart Technology & Monitoring

No WiFi? No problem. Invita will continue operating when WiFi is down. When IoT connected, Invita can send your customers email notifications if there are system issues, and flood alerts when connected to a Watts FloodSafe™ Water Detector Shutoff.


Product Image - 564

Invita WiFi Thermostat 564 - White

Product Image - 564B

Invita WiFi Thermostat 564 - Black


Add more functionality to your Invita WiFi Thermostat.

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Outdoor Sensor 070


Slab Sensor 072


Slab Sensor 073


Indoor Sensor 076


Indoor Sensor 077


Slab Sensor 079


Indoor Sensor 084


Humidity & Temperature Sensor 086


Wireless Outdoor Sensor 087