We Proudly Support Buy American Act

Watts Supports Buy American Compliance

Watts proudly supports the Buy American preference and jobs across the USA. We offer a wide range of compliant products and we're ready to help you choose products that will make your project Buy American Compliant. To assist you, we have made some enhancements to our website below:

  • BAA is now a filter on relevant category and series pages to help you identify specific models that are BAA compliant

To secure a letter of product compliance under the Buy American Act, contact your local Watts Representative. Watts assures that you will receive a prompt response to your inquiry.

Find BAA compliant products

Plumbing & Flow Control Solutions

Backflow Preventers
Backwater Valves
Dielectric Unions
Mixing Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves
Relief Valves
Shutoff Valves

Specification Drainage Solutions

Floor Drains
Roof Drains

Gas Connection Solutions

Gas Connectors