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Finding the right control for your customers' complex snow melting and hydronic systems can be frustrating. For over 37 years, tekmar has been supporting contractors with flexible solutions that help improve comfort and maintain efficiency for your customers. When you choose tekmar, you'll enjoy a hassle-free installation so you can move on to your next job with confidence. And with real people providing expert phone support when you need it, you can relax knowing your customers will be satisfied.


Leading innovator in North America for over 37 years

Widest range of flexibility, accessibility, & features

Offer your customers more options and better performance

By-your-side support to ensure your success
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Overwhelmed by Too Many Confusing Control Options?

Confusing and complicated setup
Lack of efficient control options
Project headaches and delays
Nightmare connectivity issues
Winging it on your own with no real person support
Loss of business and customer satisfaction

Lew Kuhn
Seth Energy
tekmar makes a great line of products specifically geared towards snow and ice melt. They were perfect fit for what we wanted and needed to achieve with install.
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Looking for assistance with product sizing, configuration, or selection?

Selexit is the first and only online platform that can generate precise, optimal tekmar system configurations. Whether you need to determine sizes, set up configurations, or pick the right products for your project, Selexit has got you covered.

We're here to make your engineering journey smoother and faster. We get it – we know the challenges engineers face every day, and that's why we've developed tools to simplify and speed up your tasks.

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Products You and Your Customers Will Love

tekmar Boiler Mixing

Boiler & Mixing

Combine water temperature control with features like outdoor reset.
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Boiler Staging

Improve efficiency by operating equipment to meet current conditions.
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Switching relays and zone valve controls simplify wiring and operation of zones.
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Control air and floor temperatures, humidity, and ventilation for each zone.
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Snow Melting

Ensure systems operate safely and efficiently with better temperature control.
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Remote access control, sensors, valves and other accessories.
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If you need technical support, assistance finding a local wholesaler or contractor, help with your design and commissioning, or are looking for information on products, pricing or purchasing our products, contact your Local Representative and they will be happy to assist you.


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