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Access your HVAC system from anywhere with the tekmarNet® Gateway. Remotely monitor and control both your thermostats and hot water heating system through the tekmarNet® web and mobile app. The Gateway sends notifications directly to your phone or email to keep you informed of any problems, ensuring peace of mind.

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tekmarNet Gateway 486

tekmarNet Gateway App


• Remotely control up to 96 thermostats
• Remotely monitor the hot water system
• Interactive floor plan and mechanical schematics
• Multiple user accounts
• Text and email notifications
• Graph and export up to 1 year of logged system data
• Gateway 486 connects to the internet using WiFi or Ethernet
• Free tekmarNet mobile app for Apple® iOS and Android™
• Web browser compatible

tekmarNet Gateway web login

tekmarNet Gateway App Setup

Thanks to the power and simplicity of it’s cloud based platform, tekmarNet Gateway App is as easy as connecting a cell phone to a router’s WiFi and adding an app to your phone.

Setting up the tekmarNet Gateway App:

1. Set the 486 to Installer access level
2. Select Ethernet or WiFi
3. Connect to WiFi
4. Register the 486
5. Configure Web or Mobile App
6. Add a building
7. Customize device names

How do I check my software version?

  • Select the menu icon (3 lines in the upper left corner)
  • The software version is displayed at the bottom of the popout menu


Software Check Screen

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