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Welcome to the Watts Data Exchange portal. Read our Quick Start Guide below to learn how to access your product data.

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Data Exchange Portal

Data Exchange Quick Use Guide

To access the Data Exchange, click the provided URL to open the home page. You should see a splash screen appear over the home page when you click the url, click anywhere to continue to the home page.

The home page has the full list of products available. You can click on the logo on the top left to return to the home page product view from any screen. When you click the logo, it will also clear any filters you’ve selected.


To search for a specific product, enter either the product description, product UPC/EAN code or the model number in the search box at the top of the page and press enter, or click the magnifying glass to search. 

Product Filters

On the left side of the page, you can filter products by brand, category, and any combination of the two. You can collapse and expand the filters by using the + or - in front of the filter’s header. You can see the full list of filter options by clicking “show more options” at the end of the filter list. Click an option to narrow your results to those products. The number next to the option indicates how many products will be returned with the option. As you select filters, active filters will appear at the top of the filter column.

You can click more than one filter to combine filters and narrow results even further. Click the x next to a filter option to remove the filter and expand your product results.

Selecting Products

If you only need to download a few products instead of a full category you can narrow your results to only the products you’re interested in by selecting them. Hover over the product index results and click Select to add products to your selection list.

You can also select products from the product’s details page, which you can view by clicking on the product thumbnail. Selected products will display a green checkmark circle displayed on the top right corner of the thumbnail image.

To view the products you’ve selected, click the green View Selected button at the top right menu bar. The number next to View Selected indicates the number of products you’ve selected. You can view individual products by clicking the thumbnail image.


To remove product(s) from the selected products, either:

View Product Details Page

Click a product’s thumbnail to view the product content included in the export. Content is organized into sections, with digital assets appearing along the left column.

If a digital asset property has more than one asset to view, a series of dots will appear under the first asset

To download individual assets, use the button under the digital assets you want to download.

You can also add a product to your selected products list from the product details page. Click the blue Actions button, and choose Select Product.

Export Product Content & Digital Assets

You can export the entire catalog, everything in your search/filter parameters or the products you’ve selected by clicking the blue export button on the top right of the page. When you choose to export, you’ll be prompted to add in your email, the system does not store this so you will have to enter it every time you want an export. You will receive an email with a link to the requested file from “Salsify” ([email protected])

Export All Data

To export everything, either clear your selection or don’t select any products. From the home page, click the blue Export Catalog button.

Export Selected Products

To export selected products, select products, then click the green View Selected button. Then click the blue Export Selected button.


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