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Hydronic Control Solutions for Your Business

Complete Control Over Building Comfort and Safety

Discover the control solutions your property needs to increase energy efficiency, lower operating and energy expenses, and deliver safe, consistent comfort all year long.


Commercial Buildings with BAS

All the comfort and control with none of the hassle. Discover tekmar's hydronic control solutions, seamlessly integrating with your building automation system for effortless oversight and unmatched control from a single hub.

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Small Commercial Buildings

Ensure optimal comfort for customers and occupants. Save on operating expenses and enhance building enhance performance without the need for an expensive building automation system.

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Single Family Homes

Comfort is meant to be customized. Empower homeowners to personalize every aspect of their in-home environment with smart, energy-efficient hydronic and forced air control systems.

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Multi Family Residential Buildings

Your tenants rely on you for year-round comfort. Put climate control in the palm of your hand with remote hydronic control solutions designed to keep your property front of mind even when you’re offsite.

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