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Our Brands

Why partner with us? Simple. Our family of brands offer a long list of strengths that you won't find elsewhere.


Flow control, water safety, water filtration & treatment, drainage, and PEX plumbing products.


Commercial boilers and water heaters that simplify infrastructure, reduce project costs, and minimize lifecycle expenses for a variety of applications.

Ames Fire & Waterworks

Backflow prevention assemblies, control valves, in-building risers, and strainers for the commercial fire protection market.


Plumbing control valves and tank and trough valves for the agricultural industry and rainwater harvesting.


Stainless steel drainage systems including floor drains, shower drains, pipe, channels, and accessories.


Safe, high-quality gas connectors and appliance safety products.


Innovative backflow prevention assemblies for irrigation.

HF scientific

Instrumentation and measurement devices for compliance, process control, wastewater, ballast water, and water quality.

Mueller Steam Specialty

Pipeline strainers, check valves, butterfly valves, suction diffusers, line blinds, and other specialty products for industrial applications.


Acid waste, high purity, and polypropylene piping systems as well as neutralization tanks & monitoring equipment, floor drains, and sinks.


Water tempering and temperature control solutions for the commercial and industrial temperature control markets.

PVI Industries

High-capacity, ASME-code, storage water heaters with uniquely fabricated tanks from duplex stainless steel for engineer specified installations.


Electric radiant floor heating and snow melting systems.

tekmar Control Systems

Complete control solutions for radiant floor and baseboard heating systems, multi-stage boiler plants, and automatic snow melting systems.