Leading the Way in Heat Pump Control

With an increased focus on going green, heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative energy source in hydronic applications. Geothermal or air source heat pumps provide the benefit of supplying up to 4 or 5 times the amount of energy put into them. This "free" energy comes from the ground or the outside air making it an attractive solution for heating or cooling systems.

To get the best performance out of a heat pump system, the interaction between the zones, heat pump, domestic hot water, and the back up heat source must be integrated mindfully. With the use of a single control, the entire system can be coordinated to seamlessly work together, improving system efficiency, reliability and energy savings.

Better Control

The tN2 House Control 406 is a heat pump control that operates up to two stages of air-to-water or water-to-water heat pump, in either heating or cooling mode in a single storage tank, 2-pipe system. This control operates a boiler for Domestic Hot Water, set point load, boiler zones and back up for the heat pump.

We offer an integrated system solution for heat pump applications making the tN2 House Control 406 unique in the industry today.

Benefits of integration include:

Optimized Heat Pump and Backup Operation
Heat pump applications may require a back up heat source to provide additional capacity when a heat pump alone is not sufficient. Common heat sources could include electric resistance, modulating condensing boiler or on/off non-condensing boiler. The tN2 House Control 406 will maximize operation of the heat pump by monitoring existing conditions. If conditions are not optimal, the control will enable the backup to satisfy the heating load.

Improved Heat Pump Performance
Current heat pump applications operating with stand-alone setpoint or Outdoor Temperature Reset controls do not achieve their highest performance. During heating, heat pump performance can be improved with lower water temperatures. The tN2 House Control 406 will target the lowest waters temperature possible while still maintaining a comfortable temperature in the space. This is achieved through integration of Outdoor Temperature Reset & communicating thermostats which provide Indoor Temperature Feedback.

Intelligent Heat/Cool Switch-over
A single tank 2-pipe system can only operate in either heating or cooling mode. The tN2 House Control 406 polls the thermostats to determine requirements for heating or cooling. When enough thermostats require the opposite mode, an automatic switchover occurs. In heating mode, the control forces the cooling zones off, likewise, if the control is in cooling mode, the heating zones are forced off. This more intelligent switchover maximizes overall system performance to better meet the requirements of the building.