BACnet Snow/Ice Sensor Interface 681

Easy BAS Integration for Snow Melting Systems

Integrating snow and ice detecting sensors with a Building Automation System (BAS) can be a hassle. And not having an easy way to achieve fully automated snow melting can be even more frustrating!

The BACnet Snow/Ice Sensor Interface 681 gives you a seamless way to integrate sensors with a BAS. Fine tune snow or ice detection, and then communicate with a BAS through BACnet MS/TP to automatically turn snow melting systems on or off.

The interface is BTL-certified and works with electric or hydronic snow melting systems. Set temperature parameters for a more efficient operation and enjoy an easier way to automatically melt snow at your commercial facility.

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Save Time, Labor, and Energy!


Easy BAS integration
(without voiding warranties)


Automated system means no more manually turning things off and on


Works with existing snow melting systems - hydronic or electric!


Set temperature parameters to maximize system efficiencies

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Easily Integrate Snow/Ice Detection to Your BAS

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Enjoy seamless integration with your BAS and fully automate snow melting at your commercial facility

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Product Image - BACnet Snow/Ice Sensor Interface 681


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