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Full line of Enpress Tanks

Enpress tanks utilizes an industry exclusive co-polymer Polypropylene formulation for its liner assembly, providing superior performance in both hot and cold temperature environments and superior chemical and impact resistance far superior than traditional polyethylene. This allows the tanks to survive harsh climate extremes and provides the highest quality product. Models: C9053 7X24 C9085-NB-TB 10x18 C9014-B 10x22 C9058 8x35 C9058-1 8x35 C9066 8x44 C9066B 8x44 C9084 9x48 C9084-B 9x48 C9084-1 9x48 C9086-NB-DH-TB 10x24 C9088-B-DH 10x35 C9088-B 10x35 C9088 10x35 C9090 10x44 C9090-B 10x44 C9087-2-DH 10x47 C9092-DH 10x54 C9092B 10x54 C9092-B 10x54 C9092 10x54 C9094-DH 12x52 C9095A 13x54 C9022 14x47 C9099-4 16x65 C9092-DH 10x54 C9092 10x54 C9092-B 10x54 C9094X 12x52 C9094X-1 12x52 C9095-DH 13x54 C9095T 13x65 C9095B 13x65 C9098 14x65 C9099-4 16x65 C9030 21x62 C9031 24x72


  • More than 35 different models available
  • Pressure vessel tanks with superior impact and chemical resistance
  • Designed to withstand harsh climate extremes
  • Industry exclusive co-polymer polypropylene used for liner assembly

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