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Ames Fire & Waterworks


Excellence Matters - Specify It

Our compact, lightweight solutions are designed to meet the needs of fire protection and waterworks systems and are engineered to keep things flowing so you can focus on protecting what matters most. Let’s build something great from the ground up.

The Ames Fire & Waterworks Advantage:

  • High quality and unmatched performance
  • Industry-proven reliability
  • Easy serviceability
  • Lowered installation costs
  • Resilient stainless steel

Product Categories

Product Image - Deringer 20_D-8020

Double Check Valve Assemblies

Product Image - Deringer 30_D-6030

Double Check Detector Assemblies

Product Image - Deringer 40G-D-8040

Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies

Product Image - Deringer 50_D-6050

Reduced Pressure Detector Assemblies


Check Valves

Product Image - 910GF

Control Valves

Product Image - LFAFBV-FP

Gear Operated Ball Valves

TR,IBR Product Image

In-Building Risers

Product Image - 7001 Strainer


Product Image - Air Gaps

Backflow Preventer Accessories


Custom Engineered Products

Product Image - RK-2000SS/3000SS

Repair Kits


Lighten Up with Ames Deringer™

Boasting the shortest lay length and lightest weight for cost-effective installation and shipping, Ames Deringer™ provides superior corrosion resistance and minimal head loss to ensure maximum possible water pressure after the backflow preventer.

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Specifically designed for high-flow fire systems, our Maxim series backflow preventers utilize groove connections for easy installation and pipe alignment.

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The short lay length, lightweight, and compact design makes our Colt series backflow preventers the preferred choice of design engineers.

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Ames Cross-Reference

Use our online product cross-reference to match model numbers with other manufacturers model numbers.

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Try Selexit

Our new online configurator tool helps accurately size and configure our mixing valve systems and more.

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Access BIM Drawings