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Our corrosion-resistant chemical piping systems have been proven in thousands of educational, medical, industrial, and research installations across North America and throughout the world. An industry leader in high-quality corrosive waste drainage and pure water piping products, we take pride in the exceptional service and full range of products we deliver to the engineer, contractor, and ultimate user.


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Product Categories

Product Image - Double Long Turn Wyes Blueline FRPP NH - Small - Angle

Chemical Waste Fittings

Product Image - Floor Drains with Side Outlet Blueline FRPP NH - Angle

Chemical Waste Floor Drains & Cleanouts

Product Image - Piping Blueline FRPP SCH 40

Chemical Waste Piping

Product Image - T5 Cylindrical Tanks

Neutralization Tanks

Product Image - Tank High Level Monitoring - Single Station

Systems Monitoring

Product Image - Tees Standardline PPII SF,Tees Whiteline PVDF SF - Angle

High Purity Fittings

Product Image - Piping Standardline PPII SCH 80

High Purity Piping

Product Image - Laboratory Faucets PP - GNF10 - Angle

Laboratory Faucets

Product Image - Assembly Tools Electrofusion

Tools & Accessories

Orion Undersink Corrugated Couplings - Angled View

Chemical Waste Drainage Systems

These piping systems convey corrosive waste drainage harmful to sanitary waste piping materials. They often terminate at chemical neutralization tanks that alter the corrosive waste water pH to a safe level before it continues to the public sanitary drainage system.

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Orion Blueline Corrugated Couplings 3 - Group View

No-Hub Fittings for Acid Waste Drainage Piping

Fast installation, low labor costs, pre-grooved mechanical fittings for acid waste pipe. No special tools, heat, or hot water needed.

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Rionfuse CF Polypropylene for Acid Waste Piping

Electrofusion pipe joining system for acid waste piping requires no clamps, uses the same grooved-end fittings as No-Hub couplings, and reduces labor costs by permitting the fusion of both sides of coupling at the same time.

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