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Whether you’re retrofitting, expanding, or building a new data center, Watts intelligent next-gen water management technologies can help you protect against water-based hardware damage while reducing your facility’s water consumption and decreasing your operational costs.

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Create a Reliable and Sustainable Water System for Your Entire Data Center

• High-Performance Process & Flow Control Solutions
• Quality-Tested Plumbing Solutions
• Intelligent Monitoring Solutions
• Labor Saving Solutions


24/7 Protection

Intelligent Monitoring

• RPZ Backflow Discharge
• Leak Detection
• Flood Prevention
• Water Supply Tamper Detection

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Hydronic Cooling

• Process Control
• Particulate Filtration
• Fluid Transport

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Plumbing, Hot Water & HVAC

• Cross Connection Control
• Flow Performance
• Flow Control
• Thermostatic Mixing

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Fire Protection

• Cross Connection Control
• Flow Performance
• Fire Sprinkler System Water Supply
• Particulate Filtration

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Watts Trench Drain Installation


• Roofs
• Floors
• Trenches
• Carriers

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Water Quality

• Rainwater Harvesting
• Scale Prevention
• Water Conditioning
• Filtration

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Water damage can halt operations at a data center instantly. For nearly 150 years, Watts has helped thousands of commercial & industrial buildings protect against fire, water leaks and floods, reduce consumption, and make water usage safer and cleaner.

Solutions for Data Center Cooling Systems

Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Water Management

Over the years, we’ve expanded our operations to 42 facilities worldwide for offices, manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing. Our global footprint ensures in-stock availability and reliable delivery, minimizing data center construction delays and allowing us to quickly respond to your maintenance needs.

Design, Spec & Build Your Project with Ease:
Access a Global Network of Experts & Online Tools


Planning & Design

• Hydronic cooling & air conditioning
• Fire protection
• Drainage
• Hot water & HVAC
• Water quality
• Rainwater harvesting
• Water leak & flood protection

Schedule a call with a local Watts expert to help you mitigate water risk for every area of your data center.

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• Build code-compliant projects
• Size, configure & select products
• Preview and download BIM files, CAD drawings & Spec Sheets
• Lookup ASSE performance standards
• Create your own design stencils

Watts also offers a Spec Service to help you update your firm’s Master and/or Project Specifications.

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Submittal Packages

• Engineering specifications with schematics & optional components
• Installation, set-up & operations
• Maintenance schedules & troubleshooting guides

Prepare submittal packages within the SpecHUB™ Plumbing Project Specification Tool by Watts

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Installation Guides

• How-To Videos
• Product Spotlight Videos
• Maintenance & Repair Videos

Watch Installation Guides with detailed directions on the Watts YouTube channel. We also have many labor-saving solutions for installation.

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Work Smarter:
Get Industry Leading Training & Continuing Education

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Instructor-Led Training

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Watts Works Online Training

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Continuing Education

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