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Reliable Plumbing & Flow Control for Your Data Center

Optimize uptime and help enhance your data center efficiency with high-performing solutions for cooling, plumbing, and flow control. We provide reliable and efficient products for mission-critical applications around the world - and support that's there when you need it.

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Enhanced Protection

Continuously monitor your data center with smart & connected solutions to detect leaks and potential problems, send immediate notifications, and avoid downtime.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce energy and operating costs with energy-efficient and energy-saving plumbing and flow control solutions.

Save Water

Reduce waste and help meet sustainability objectives with water-saving solutions.

Single Source

Consolidate your vendor list. Watts is your one-stop for high-quality, in-stock solutions, local expert support, and reliable delivery to keep your project on track.

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High-Performing Hydronic Cooling Solutions

Ensure your data center will operate to specification with high-quality cooling solutions.
View Hydronic Cooling Solutions

Commercial Plumbing Flow Control Solutions

Optimize uptime with reliable solutions for domestic water, drains, fire protection, HVAC, and more.
View Plumbing Flow Control Solutions

Unique Solutions to Meet Your Objectives

Wireless Water Leak Detection

Get real-time notifications of leaks and their locations with FM approved Trident™.

View Leak Detection

Pre-Engineered Valve Stations

Maximize flow performance and ensure a redundant water supply to your building
View Valve Stations

SentryPlus Alert™ Flood Protection

Avoid downtime with automated flood protection and shutoff on RPZ backflow preventers.

View Flood Protection

OneFlow® Anti-Scale Systems

Enhance energy efficiency and prolong the lifespan of valves and plumbing systems.
View Anti-Scale Systems

RainCycle™ System

Conserve water and help meet your sustainability initiatives with rainwater harvesting.
View RainCycle

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