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Water Tempering at Its Finest

Our patents on technologies serve as the backbone for many products in commercial and industrial water temperature control markets. From pressure balance to digital mixing valves we strive to bring safety and comfort to modern plumbing.

Product Categories

Product Image - HydroGuard e480,HydroGuard LFe480

Lavatory Mixing Valves

Photo - 720

Shower Mixing Valves

Product Image - IntelliStation Jr - LFIS075VL and LFIS100VL

Master Mixing Valves

Product Image - LFIS150F3L

Mixing Valve Stations

Product Image - HydroGuard ES150

Emergency Valves

Product Image - HydroGuard XP LFSH1430 Exposed,HydroGuard XP SH1430

Supply Fixtures

Product Image - HydroPanel II 450-900

Shower Panel Mixing Valves

Product Image - Flowrite II 597

Industrial Products

Product Image - HydroGuard Arm & Flange


Meet the IntelliStation® Family

Controlling and monitoring your water circulation loop should be simple, safe, and sanitary. Intuitive and connected, our IntelliStation® is the foundation of safe and efficient tempered water recirculation. The IntelliStation® Jr. keeps you covered and connected through the native Building Automation System (BAS).

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Try Selexit

Our new online configurator tool helps accurately size and configure our mixing valve systems and more.

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