Ballast Water Monitoring Systems

Ballast water is essential for safe and efficient shipping operations and stabilizing steel-hulled vessels at sea. It provides a variety of critical functions, such as maintaining balance, stability, and structural integrity on non-cargo voyages or when cargo is unloaded. Ballast water is also used to compensate for fuel and water consumption during at-sea operations.

While the benefits of ballast water are numerous, it can also pose serious ecological, economic, and health problems when marine species carried in a ships’ ballast water are transported to a new location. Bacteria, microbes, small invertebrates, eggs, cysts, and larvae of various species can be transferred from their native environment to a new geographic area. Once there they can reproduce and become invasive, out-compete native species, and multiply into pest proportions. The effects can be devastating, and data shows that bio-invasions are both on the rise and continue to impact new locations.


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We are committed to improving the quality of the world’s water supply through innovative design, manufacture, and distribution of the highest quality laboratory, field, and online products for the marine and shipping industry. Our rugged, dependable, and easy-to-use instrumentation provides accurate measurement of the total residual oxidant (TRO) of ballast water, desalination, or wastewater treatment equipment onboard. We apply our expertise to developing specialized devices for measuring and assessing water quality, including equipment for monitoring parameters such as free and total chlorine, streaming current, and UV% transmission.

Our scientists, engineers, and technicians are continually enhancing and expanding our product line to better serve new and existing customers worldwide.


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Product Image - SSR-Ex

SSR-Ex Online TRO and Chlorine Monitor

The SSR-Ex instrument has been specifically designed to measure TRO and to operate in hazardous atmospheres meeting the IECEx and ATEX ratings as stated in the specifications.

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CLX-XT Extended Reagent Life Residual TRO Monitor for Ballast Water

An economical and low maintenance instrument for shipboard ballast water, potable water or wastewater applications that require continuous monitoring and control of residual total oxidant levels.

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CLX-Ex Residual Oxidant Monitor for Hazardous Atmospheres

A rugged, safe, and low maintenance instrument for shipboard ballast water requiring continuous monitoring and control of residual total oxidant levels in hazardous atmospheres.

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