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Watts Smart and Connected Strategy

Our future. Your future.

IoT (Internet of Things) has enabled us to transform components into smart and connected devices. We understand you want more efficient ways to select, procure, install, and maintain systems. That’s why our smart and connected strategy is anchored by a promise to connect you to smart systems, control those systems for optimal performance, and conserve critical resources by increasing operability, efficiency, and safety. Connect. Control. Conserve.

Our Smart and Connected Strategy

SentryPlus AlertTM Flood Protection System

Superior Value Through Connected Solutions

The basis of our smart and connected strategy is driven by the needs of our customers. You want a faster way to learn about, find, design, purchase, and manage assets? We’ll get right on it. You expect higher levels of performance, protection, serviceability, intelligence, and ease of use in your products? We’ll give you that, too. Connected technology is an enabler to meet the emerging needs and expectations of an ever-changing digital world. Our vision is clear: deliver superior customer value through smart and connected solutions.

Connected Product Solutions

Watts SentryPlus Alert™ Backflow Prevention System

Powers IntelliStation Digital Mixing System

Watts Vision product from Europe

Watts Vision Smart Home System

tekmar Invita Wi-Fi Thermostat

AERCO Benchmark Platinum Boilers

tekmar Wi-Fi Snow Melting Control 670

Dormont FloPro-MD Gas Flow and Pressure Measurement System

Powers Intellistation Jr. Digital Mixing for smaller commercial applications

Connected Customer Solutions

Product Resources at Your Fingertips

Selexit - Product Configuration Made Easy

Syncta Backflow Test Management Software

Connect to our Planning Resources