Snow Melting

Even in moderate climates, orientation and shading over your entrance may encourage snow and ice accumulation on your drive and walkways. Hydronic systems melt snow and ice by circulating a glycol solution fluid through tubing that is either embedded in concrete or installed beneath brick pavers. Electric systems are designed for small to medium sized projects for your home or commercial building. They're a safe, reliable, and efficient way to melt snow and ice away from driveways, walkways, stairs, parking lots, and exit ramps.

How it Benefits You:

  • Safety for patrons, guests, patients, visitors, employees and relatives
  • No salt or plowing means less deterioration of pavement and brick pavers
  • Convenient
  • Choose from hydronic or electric
  • Automatic with select controls
  • Free design service


When you need it to perform as a system make sure it’s engineered as a system.

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warm wire under a rooftop helipad, this warm wire is melting the snow that falls on the roof

Watts Works℠ Engineer Webinar Series: Snow Melting Solutions

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Snow melting systems are a safe, convenient, and eco-friendly way to remove snow.

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Systems that Support You Every Step of the Way

Whole-system design from the experts
  • Design services include optional load calculations as well as mechanical electrical, and circuit layout drawings.
  • Mechanical components, controls, and sensors are selected to work together for the most reliable, efficient operation.
Mechanical packages – simplified specification and installation
  • We ensure your system is completed as-designed and removes unpredictability.
  • Professional appearance, quick installation, and reduced wiring and start-up issues.
  • Factory-built components are tested and carry factory warranties.
Operation that exceeds customer expectations
  • The most reliable sensor in the industry provides fully automatic operation—customers enjoy the highest level of convenience and safety.
  • Tandem Snow/Ice Detection for greater detection area and 100% redundancy—providing unmatched reliability.
  • Options for complete integration with hydronic heating solutions.
  • BAS integration and remote access options allow customers to operate their snow melting system from anywhere.

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Hydronic Controls

Hydronic controls regulate the circulation of hot water through tubing either embedded in concrete or installed beneath brick pavers to safely remove snow and ice.

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Essential connections for safe installation and reliable system operation.

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We supply a number of manifolds to safely distribute mixed-temperature water that also meet your application needs.

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Mechanical Panels

We have the appropriate mechanical panels to safely meet your application needs.

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A variety of tubing choices are available, each with its own set of features.

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Electric Snow Melting

Electric snow melting provides safety and convenience through electric heating solutions for melting snow and ice on walkways and driveways.

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