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Snow Melting

Watts Snow Melting Systems can provide a safe, reliable, and efficient way to melt away snow and ice in locations such as:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Stairs
  • Parking lots
  • Exit ramps

Watts has more than 30 years of experience engineering both hydronic and electric systems. Both use the highest quality system components and can be easily embedded in concrete or installed beneath paver bricks—with innovative control features and optional building automation system (BAS) integration.


If you need it to perform as a system make sure it’s engineered as a system.

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Browse Watts Radiant Snow Melting Solutions

Watts provides design and support services for a complete snow melting solution:

Whole-system design from the experts

  • Design services include optional load calculations as well as mechanical electrical, and circuit layout drawings.
  • Mechanical components, controls, and sensors are selected to work together for the most reliable, efficient operation.

Mechanical packages – simplified specification and installation

  • Watts experience ensures system is completed as-designed and removes unpredictability.
  • Professional appearance, quick installation, and reduced wiring and start-up issues.
  • Factory-built components are tested and carry factory warranties.

Operation that exceeds customer expectations

  • The most reliable sensor in the industry provides fully automatic operation—customers enjoy the highest level of convenience and safety.
  • Tandem Snow/Ice Detection for greater detection area and 100% redundancy—providing unmatched reliability.
  • Options for complete integration with hydronic heating solutions.
  • BAS integration and remote access options allow customers to operate their snow melting system from anywhere.
  • Browse Watts Radiant Snow Melting Solutions

    The Hidden Cost of Snow Removal

    • A 2009 study reported 11,500 emergency room visits result each year from snow shoveling-related injuries.1
    • Each year nearly $500 is spent defending and settling claims for snow and ice-related injuries.2

    Hydronic Systems

    • Capacity for colder temperatures and frequent snowfall event
    • Choice of fuel sources and tubing or pre-insulated piping
    • Typically, lower operation costs than electric systems
    • Reliable, efficient tekmar® control solutions

    Electric Systems

    • Ideal for small areas and locations with less frequent snow fall events
    • Typically, lower installation costs than hydronic systems
    • ProMelt® mats or cables embedded in slab
    • Advanced SunTouch® outdoor control solutions

    Melt Away Snow—and Costs

    • Savings can be more than $100 per snow event (compared with manual snow removal)
    • Colorado Springs, CO – 159 snowfall hours/year (ASHRAE)
    • Approximately 29 snowfall events