Our systems help irrigation professionals protect potable plumbing from the dangers caused by water backflow. Drawing on reliable flow control components, we've applied a system solutions approach to designing a reliable system that is simple to maintain.

With certified and listed backflow preventers, relief and shutoff valves, sensors, strainers, and other irrigation components, we've designed flow control systems and a single source of expertise that can simplify operation and maintenance—and save money.


If you need it to perform as a system make sure it’s engineered as a system.

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How You Benefit from Watts Irrigation Systems

  • Complete system solutions for irrigation flow control—turnkey simplicity and integrated performance
  • Lower cost of ownership—time-tested reliability and quality
  • Unmatched flow performance
  • Designed for optimal flow performance and ease of maintenance
  • Stainless steel components available for harsh conditions
  • Multiple agency approvals and listings—improves confidence and compliance

Browse the Watts Irrigation System

High-quality Febco components are available to solve a variety of flow control challenges. The Backflow Irrigation Control (BIC) station shows a simple example how Watts integrates components into a customer-friendly system for protecting potable water sources.

By placing commonly repaired items above ground, the Watts BIC system eliminates time wasted digging to isolate and service system components.

Product Image - LF886W/WZ

Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers protect the water system. Short lay length, light weight, and compact design make them easy to install and service.

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757OSY Product Image

BIC Stations

By placing commonly repaired items above ground you no longer have to spend time digging to isolate and service system components, helping you save time and money on your irrigation system.

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Protect equipment (such as backflow preventers) from damage or failure that can be caused by foreign material in the pipeline.

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FPHB-1 Product Image

Wall Hydrants

  • Key operated
  • Frost-proof automatic
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Automatic Control Valves

Reduce high inlet pressure to constant, lower, outlet pressure across a broad range of flow.

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FBVS-3C,FBV-3C Product Image

Ball Valves

Used in commercial and industrial applications to ensure a liquids flow smoothly.

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N45B,LF45B,LFN45B Product Image

Water Pressure Reducing Valves

Reduce incoming water pressure to a sensible level to protect plumbing system components and reduce water consumption.

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