Your Environmental Goals Within Reach

Heating and cooling air and water is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Heating and cooling account for 30% of CO2 emissions in commercial settings, and 38% in residential settings. Water heating alone represents about 15% of CO2 emissions in the residential sector, according to EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2018. 


Watts products are consciously designed to reduce their environmental impact and deliver cost-savings for our customers.




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Energy Efficiency Product Solutions

Anti-Scale Systems

Saves water and electricity by eliminating regeneration cycles.
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Balancing Valves

Can reduce energy consumption by 25%-35%.
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Condensing Boilers

AERCO boiler owners typically enjoy 30% to 40% energy cost reduction as compared to typical noncondensing boiler applications.
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Smart Home Management

Saves energy by adjusting to your schedule.
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Examples of Our Products at Work

Sustainability Handprint Energy Efficiency

Case Study: Benchmark Platinum Overachieves at Efficiency

The school’s existing system had previously been powered by a firetube steam boiler that provided heat to entrance ways, classrooms and perimeter heating. Although the system was meeting the building’s fundamental need of heat, it was far from efficient. The boiler was non condensing and non-modulating, and due to cycling and standby losses, the overall operating efficiency was between 50-60%.

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