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Ductile Iron Dual Chamber Deep Well Pump Control Valve with Pressure Relief Feature

985GD-20 (Globe) and 985AD-20 (Angle) Series is designed to minimize the surges associated with the starting and stopping of well pumps, and open to relieve excessive pressure during the pumping cycle. The valve closes at an adjustable rate upon pump start-up, and opens at an adjustable rate upon pump shut-off. When the valve is near the full open position, the limit switch is tripped, turning the pump off. The pump starts and stops against an open valve. The Solenoid Pilot has provisions for manual operation in the event of power outage.


  • Relief setpoint and opening and closing speeds are adjustable
  • Minimizes the surges associated with the starting and stopping of deep well pumps
  • Installed on branch of tee off main pumping header
  • Pressure Relief feature protects system during pumping cycle

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