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PWUVBAL6-12 Watts

Part of the PWUVBAL Series

Ordering Code: 7100168

UPC: 098268562118

Lead Free: Not In Scope

6-12 Gpm Replacement Ultraviolet Ballast

This replacement ultraviolet ballast is for the 6-12 gallons per minute ultraviolet water filtration system. This electric ballast is required to control the starting and operating of the ultraviolet light and to regulate the amount of current that passes through it.

Product Features

  • High quality replacement ballast
  • Provides the starting kick for a 6 to 12 GPM System
  • Limits the current to the proper value for the tube you are using
  • Ultraviolet filtration ballast
BrandName Watts
LeadFree Not In Scope
ModelNumber PWUVBAL6-12
Part Number 7100168