Corrosive Waste Disposal Applications

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Design your plant with a pipeline that protects personnel from exposure and prevents contamination of products.

Start by selecting the proper material. It is essential to select industry-approved materials that can withstand the corrosive properties of the chemicals being transported, while also considering temperature changes, mechanical stress, and other environmental factors.

Orion Brownline PP™ is a non-flame retardant polypropylene pipe typically used in underground applications where non-fire retardant materials are acceptable for disposing of acid waste, especially when cost is a factor.

Orion Blueline FRPP™ is compounded of polypropylene Type II copolymer with fire retardant additives. Polypropylene is a polyolefin thermoplastic material characterized by a stable and highly ordered stereoregular molecular chain. This structure produces a rigid material with good strength and aging properties. It has an IAPMO certified operating temperature of 220°F and is ASTM F1412-2016 and NSF/ANSI 14-2015 compliant.

Both Brownline and Blueline offer excellent resistance to most common and organic mineral acids and their salts, strong and weak alkalis, and most organic chemicals.

Orion Plenum+PVDF™ is molded from Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride resin and offers superior chemical resistance to many solvents, acids, bases, and halogens. It meets ASTM E-84 and UL 723 standards for flame spread and smoke generation.

Select the proper joining method. Joining can be done using Orion’s no-hub fittings for streamlined, easy-to-install mechanical joints. Heat-fused permanent joints can be made using Rionfuse CF™ clamp-free electrofusion or thermal socket fusion.

Reduce the risk of contamination. The system must be designed with proper slope and flow rates to ensure the efficient and complete removal of waste from the facility, reducing the risk of contamination and environmental damage.

Make safety a priority. Safety features such as adequate ventilation, emergency shut-off valves, and monitoring systems must be incorporated into the design to prevent accidents, protect personnel, and minimize any potential damage to the environment. Proper design and implementation of these key features are critical to ensuring safe and reliable corrosive waste conveyance and drainage applications especially in semiconductor and battery manufacturing plants as well as pharmaceutical, labs, and food & beverage facilities.

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Acid Waste

Underground Installations Orion Brownline™ PP is non-flame retardant and recommended for underground applications when disposing of chemical waste from laboratories in schools, universities, and research facilities as well as acid waste from food and beverage plants.



Food & Beverage

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High-Temperature Chemical Waste

High-Temperature Chemical Waste Orion Blueline™ FRPP is flame retardant and recommended for use when disposing of high-temperature chemicals up to 220°F and where flame spread and smoke development are issues in laboratories and industrial plants.



Food & Beverage

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Return Air Plenums

Return Air Plenums Orion Plenum+™ PVDFis one of the most chemically resistant thermoplastics available and is the only PVDF that meets US standards and is approved for use in air plenums. It does not burn or require additional insulation or protective wrapping.



Food & Beverage

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